ADU / DADU Development

Creating a new space either in your home or in your back yard can be a very rewarding experience. You can add square footage to a property that needs just a bit more space. You can even add an additional unit to your home that you can lease as an excellent source of additional income. ADU or DADU Development with Spaces General Contracting is the solution. Our established network of architects, our in house designers, and our production team unite to make your ADU/DADU build a great experience.

Building an ADU/DADU can be complicated. The Spaces General Contracting Staff are experienced in all phases of the Development of these projects. Our ADU/DADU packages cover surveying, plan drafting, permitting, and final building services. Your project will come together seamlessly and beautifully.

Why Build Your ADU/DADU With Spaces?


Never wonder who to call. Your project contact remains the same from start to finish.


We offer low interest project financing packages up to $65k. Subject to credit approval.


We stand by our work and we show it. That’s why our warranty is one of the best in the business.

What To Expect

Our ADU/DADU design process follows our standard design service process, with the difference primarily being an additional feasibility study and site surveying. We focus on measuring your proposed building location, listening, and creating a beautiful ADU/DADU Blueprint that speaks to your specific style. By guiding you to selections that match your specific style and working these elements into your project our collaborative design process will deliver a ADU/DADU that will make a statement. Want to learn more about our design process? Learn More

Before our production team arrives to start on the project, we will order all the supplies for your project to assure that there are minimal wait times for building materials once we start your project. The procurement team carefully pours over the blueprints for your ADU/DADU and reviews your finish selections. After verifying all quantities and your project start date, they will coordinate the arrival of materials to match each phase of the build, on time.

In some ADU/DADU builds, there may be an existing outbuilding that you wish to remove and build on this newly created site. If there is an existing structure or adjustments such as removing a wall in an existing home (such as a basement ADU). The site/are will be demolished and all debris removed.

Our carpenters will arrive ahead of any electrical, plumbing or HVAC work to build new framing and/or assure the appropriate framing is present for adding or adjusting any pipes, wiring or other mechanical features of your project. If the build is located inside an existing home, our carpenters will place floor coverings in key areas. They will also assure to wear booties to protect your home from any unnecessary disturbance. After cleaning any sawdust, or wood pieces or other debris from the site. The ADU/DADU project site is ready for the next step.

After the framing has been erected or built/aadjusted the specialty trades will be scheduled to add Electricity, Plumbing, Networking (if applicable) and other important mechanical attributes.

The largest visual difference in the production process is the installation of materials. Our production team will arrive shortly after the delivery of your materials to begin the installation of drywall, cabinets, tile work, flooring and other key building materials. After all materials have been installed, your ADU/DADU is ready for the final finish work.

Finish work consists mostly of the odd bits and ends of your bathroom remodel that make all the difference. Baseboards, Caulking, Touch up Paint, and other final items on our to do list. After all of the finish work is completed, we will clean the finished project and reveal your new ADU/DADU.

We Build Eco-Friendly.

At Spaces General Contracting, we are passionate about our environment. We actively initiate in building activities that are sustainable. From using recycled materials and reclaiming elements for projects when possible, to practicing waste reduction techniques that minimize our impact on the environment. To learn more about our view on sustainability. Learn More

Basement ADU Conversion

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Additional Information on ADU’s

Building an ADU/DADU is a longer project comparable to building a whole home. There are many processes such as planning, permitting, and other considerations. Seattle has recently released information that can help you decide if an ADU/DADU is right for your property.

To learn more about the City of Seattles regulations on ADU’s Click Here

Basement Suitable For Conversion