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Diversity & Inclusion

We are proud to standout in construction by supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce.


We value honest, clear and precise communication from management, coworkers and clients.


We believe that by using sustainable business and construction practices, we can make a difference.


We think that people are happiest when they love what they do. We encourage passion at the workplace.


We’re adamant that Consistent, timely, and quality work is what sets our company apart.


Caring for others is what makes the world a better place. We choose to move about the world with empathy.

The Origin Of Change

“Through this vision, the Brewer’s aim to change the landscape of an entire industry.”

Spaces General Contracting is a construction company based out of Seattle, Wa. Focusing on Residential and Commercial Remodeling, their passion is helping people realize the true potential of their space, and make their dream home or office a reality.

Our Story

In Early 2020, what started as a long standing internal repair outfit for a real estate holdings company, evolved into something more. The owner, after years of fixing properties offered the opportunity to lead the remodel of all the existing properties in the company’s portfolio. Honored, Scott and Aliya Brewer accepted. After the completion of several stunning projects, a passion for construction and real estate was ignited.

Over the year, this new passion became an obsession. Each passing day the Brewer’s uncovered more and more about the construction and remodeling industry; the latest remodeling and building trends, the latest textures and colors, the newest fixtures and an endless amount more.

Most importantly, through all their digging, they discovered an unfortunate truth, remodelers and other trades by and large were either unresponsive, not customer service minded or otherwise had lead times so long that new projects were pushed to a wait list.

So, naturally, driven by a deep love for construction and real estate Scott Brewer and his Wife Aliya Brewer saw a huge opportunity to fill a need often overlooked by others in the construction market, a positive client experience. The Brewer’s had a vision to create a tech forward, general contracting company that didn’t “drop the ball”. This company would be designed to speak to the client on the clients terms, and help them build their dream home or office with a clear cut process and a timeline that doesn’t feel endless. Through this vision, the Brewer’s aim to change the landscape of an entire industry.

This Is Spaces General Contracting.

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