Model Modern Whole Home Remodel With Floating Stairs

Whole Home Remodeling

Remodeling your home is the perfect way to make your space truly yours. Everyone has a unique need and style that makes them feel at home. Remodeling your whole home is perfect if you are moving into a home that is new to you, or giving your entire home a new look and feel, or updating your home to sell. At Spaces General Contracting our designers listen to you and understand your needs.

Our staff carefully guide your decision making process and work hard to help your achieve the end look and feel you are expecting. Our collaborative design process and our seamless production process keep you in constant communication and informed about the latest on your project. We make your dream home a reality.

Why Remodel Your Whole Home With Spaces?


Never wonder who to call. Your project contact remains the same from start to finish.


We offer low interest project financing packages up to $65k. Subject to credit approval.


We stand by our work and we show it. That’s why our warranty is one of the best in the business.

What To Expect

Our Whole Home design process follows our standard design service process. We focus on measuring your space, generating a comprehensive floor plan, listening, and creating a stylish whole home design that speaks to your specific use and style. By guiding you to selections that match your specific style and working these elements into your project our collaborative design process will deliver a whole home remodel that exceeds expectations. Want to learn more about our design process? Learn More

Before our production team arrives to start on the project, we will order all the supplies for your project to assure that there are minimal wait times for building materials once we start your project. The procurement team carefully pours over the detailed whole home plans and reviews your finish selections. After verifying all quantities and your project start date, they will coordinate the arrival of materials to arrive on time.

The first task when remodeling your whole home is to remove the old and prepare the home for work. Our production team will arrive on site, work with you to arrange the easiest path to take to remove construction debris from your home. After we protect your floors the team will carefully remove and dispose of all necessary debris. After, your project is ready to be framed.

Our carpenters will arrive ahead of any electrical, plumbing or HVAC work to assure the appropriate framing is present for adjusting any pipes, wiring or other mechanical features of your project. Our carpenters will place precautions in key areas and assure to wear booties to protect spaces of your home that are not a part of the remodel from any unnecessary disturbance. After cleaning any sawdust, or wood pieces or nails from the site. The whole home remodel is ready for the next step.

A key component to many whole home remodels is moving fixtures, outlets, and adding new lighting and other specialized tasks. Each of these must be done by an accredited professional. We only hire the absolute best plumbers, electricians, and HVAC professionals so that each projects mechanical needs are taken care of swiftly with quality work.

The largest visual difference in the production process is the installation of materials. Our production team will arrive shortly after the delivery of your materials to begin the installation of drywall, cabinets, tile work, flooring and other key building materials. After all materials have been installed, your whole home remodel is ready for the final finish work.

Finish work consists mostly of the odd bits and ends of your whole home remodel that make all the difference. Baseboards, Caulking, Touch up Paint, and other final items on our to do list. After all of the finish work is completed, we will clean the finished project and reveal your newly remodeled home.

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