Sustainability In Construction

The environment we live is fragile and easily affected by the daily choices that companies make. One of the most environmentally impactful aspects of construction is waste and debris. Experts estimate that construction contributes (Statistic Here) to our atmosphere causing damage to our environment. Using products that have less durability, and constructing with inefficient processes are the largest drivers of waste in the construction industry. By building with intention and selecting materials that last companies can reduce this impact by (estimate statistic here). Spaces General Contracting is passionate about our environment and is dedicated to following processes and procuring materials that greatly reduce their environmental footprint.

What We Believe

At Spaces General Contracting we believe that protecting our environment is one of the most important things that companies can do for our children, our future generations and our planet. We believe in putting the environment ahead of returns. By using processes that minimize waste and products that last we believe that we can contribute to significant change.

Why Sustainability In Construction Matters

Eco friendly construction has many benefits. A few of these benefits are listed below:

Less Cost In Disposal

Processes that minimize waste materials leave less material left over after the project is finished. This means that it will be less expensive to dispose of, as most disposal sites charge by weight.

Less Cost In Materials

Minimized left over material also allows you to purchase less material, saving money on your project.

Longer Lasting Projects

Many eco friendly products are actually more durable than their traditional counterparts. Longer lasting building materials mean a longer lasting project.

Less Costly To Maintain

More durable eco friendly products are less likely to break or require maintenance, saving money in the long term.

Environmental Benefits

The additional benefit of building sustainably is that it helps construction projects reuse or repurpose other materials that would normally cause negative environmental impact.

How We Encourage Sustainability

Spaces General Contracting takes the environment seriously thats why we utilize the following initiatives to ensure that our projects are built with sustainability in mind.

How Spaces General Contracting Drives Sustainability:

  • Initiative #1 Procuring products that are environmentally friendly
  • Initiative #2 Using building materials that are durable
  • Initiative #3 Using process that minimize
  • Initiative #4 Becoming a USGBC member

How You Can Help

When you are planning your construction project, be sure to select contractors that work with sustainability in mind. Additionally, by purchasing eco friendly products you help in two ways. By Purchasing eco friendly products you encourage manufactures to make more sustainable products by driving demand. Additionally, when selecting your contractor hire a firm that focuses on minimizing waste. Not only does creating less waste entail you used less project material, it also saves money on maintenance and replacement costs.