Composite Decking

Composite decking is a great solution for Seattle, Washington. It is a type of deck made up of two or more pieces of wood that are glued together. This type of deck is often used in high traffic areas, such as airports or shopping malls. This type of material can help reduce the noise and vibration that can come from your feet while you’re walking on the floor. It can also help reduce the amount of time you spend on your feet while you’re working. This article describes composite deck, its benefits, and its use case for the Pacific North West.

As mentioned above, composite decking is simply a material to make wooden decks with. It is a type of engineered wood flooring made from a mixture of wood and plastic. It’s strong, durable, and easy to clean. This engineered wood material gives you the option to choose between several colors and textures to match your home’s décor. The only difference between this kind of material and other types of composite currently available is that composite has two or more pieces of solid or engineered wood glued together. So there is a piece of solid wood that goes on top of another piece of solid wood, or there may be one layer of wood backed by thin plywood, which makes it stronger than other types of composites. You will see that most engineered wood decking has three layers of material. These include the actual deck board itself, some sort of backing to prevent moisture damage, and then the protective coating on top of everything else.

Popular places which engineered wood are used include airports, military bases, commercial buildings, residential homes, schools, playgrounds, etc. In some instances, contractors may use engineered wood decking to help reduce noise and vibrations in larger spaces due to the material carrying less sound than solid boards. Composite decks also may provide additional stability when compared to other types of decks. These factors will result in a durable and low maintenance deck for years to come.

Benefits of Composite Decking
If you want to build better looking, higher quality, long-lasting, and strong outdoor living spaces, the best option would be to use engineered wood building materials. They have many advantages compared to wood and other options. They’re not only beautiful, but they’re also easy to maintain, safe, durable, and comfortable. Many people don’t realize such decking exists until their current decking needs replacement. Once they do find out about it, these are some of the things you’ll enjoy using it for. Here’s 9 reasons why you should use Composite Decking.

1) It Is Easy To Maintain
While some wood decks need regular maintenance, composites are simple to clean with soap and water. There is no oil or grime buildup to interfere with cleaning. When it comes to exterior decks, you should keep them dry so they won’t become damaged. But because composite is comprised of resilient material, it isn’t subject to moisture issues like wood is. Therefore, if you live in an area that gets wet frequently, where you may still have to protect wood, you would not need to protect composite.

2) It Gives Your Home A More Modern Look
Wooden decks were once very common, but now there are very few homeowners who prefer this deck style. This is because modern deck builders tend to use composite as the main type of deck instead. While they might appear similar in appearance, such composite deck is going to give your home a much cleaner look overall. With smooth lines and consistent texture you can guarantee a sleek aesthetic that pairs well with a large variety of other finish materials.

3) Adds to Home Value
Due to the fact that composite decking is comprised of a resilient blend of materials you can count on a long lasting deck. Decks made of composite may add value to your home due to the longevity and less need for repairs of your deck across time. This means that if you resell your home you will be in a good position to retain value.

4) It Provides Extra Strength and Durability
As mentioned earlier, composite does not have the same problems with rotting that woods do. Additionally, composite doesn’t require constant maintenance, unlike the wooden variety. Composites are also easier to repair if something happens to the surface or beneath them. As long as the glue holding the components together holds well, you can restore the deck to almost its original state after repairs. So even though you’re building a high-quality deck, you won’t have to spend as much time maintaining it.

5) It Will Last Longer Than Wood Decks
If you’ve ever owned a wood deck before, you know that they develop cracks and holes over time. This is a problem that will continue to grow with wood unless you make repairs often enough. However, composites aren’t prone to developing those kinds of defects. Unlike wood, they will always retain their color and finish. Composite materials are specially engineered to resist weather conditions like extreme heat, cold temperatures, heavy snowfall, and direct sunlight.

6) It Makes Maintenance Less Expensive
Since composites are less susceptible to damage, they will typically cost less to fix than wooden decks. The reason for this is because most damages caused by wood decks come about due normal wear and tear and weather. Composite decks stand up to constant use and weather better and this makes it easier to keep a composite deck looking good and structurally sound.

7) It Has Great Looks
The biggest advantage of using composites is that they allow you to customize the exact design of your deck. With countless brands and colors and textures available to choose form Composite materials allow for a great deal more aesthetic options than traditional wood. You’ll be able to determine what the final product will look like when finished with ease.

8) It Helps Reduce Pollution
Another huge perk of using composites is how it helps reduce pollution. Composites are mostly created from recycled materials so by utilizing composites you prevent wood product use and reducing the amount of recyclable material in landfills.You’ll be doing your part to protect our environment in more than one way!

9) It’s Easy To Clean Up
Wood can stain easily and is subject to damage caused by cleaning. Composites are naturally smoother and they don’t stain nearly as easy as their wooden counterparts, thus they are easier to clean.

Main Types Of Decking Used In The Pacific North West

Pressure Treated Timber
All sorts of woods can be pressure-treated by manufacturers for outdoor applications. Pressure-treating involves applying chemicals at high temperatures to the surface of the timber to create a long-lasting protective coating. In general, pressure-treated lumber must be specified when you buy pressure-treated lumber so it can withstand the elements. Examples include cedar, redwood, cypress, western red cedar, and Douglas fir. These woods tend to last longer than untreated wood. However, they cannot be stained or painted after being pressure-treated.

Wood Plastic Composite 
Wood-plastic composite (WPC) deck is an excellent set of building materials alternative to traditional wood. WPC is durable and resistant to scratches, and looks very natural. WPC offers many benefits compared to real wood. It requires less maintenance and upkeep. It also lasts a lot longer than the average wood deck. The manufacturing process takes little time and money. There are numerous WPC decks available on the market today, ranging in price from moderate to expensive. These decks come in different textures and colors, giving homeowners lots of options: a cost-effective and low maintenance way to add value to your home. WPCs are strong and waterproof, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. They’re often called “green” because they require minimal resources during production. Most manufacturers take waste byproducts from other industries such as paper mills and turn those items into recycled material that produces their WPC siding boards. This approach helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserves our most valuable resource land. Some manufacturers even go one step further and recycle the entire board itself!

When selecting your decking material it’s about your needs and aesthetic preferences. While composite material is great for most, it’s important to understand the benefits so that you can plan your deck project accordingly. If you need an assist on building out your decking project, you can count on Spaces General Contracting to be your contractor of choice.

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